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What is it?

Tax Max offers a tax preparation solution that allows you to file your customer’s tax return and earn a commission on every deal funded with ZERO liability!

How do I file my customer’s tax return with ZERO liability?

Tax Max is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and assumes all responsibility for the tax preparation since we are the ones actually preparing and filing the return electronically. By using our program you are acting as a third-party and simply providing the information to us and therefore assume ZERO liability.

Why use Tax Max?

In short, the program is quick and easy to use and the best part ZERO liability.

How do I make money?

By using our program you will be benefiting in two ways. For each return, filed and funded through Tax Max your company will earn a predetermined commission. Aside from the commission your customer’s tax refund check will be printed at your location to be cashed at your normal percentage or loaded onto your branded debit card.

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