How it Works

There is an annual fee of $594 but if you do five deals and charge the $99 dealership incentive fee on each deal; your next year's program is FREE!
Please reference our benefits page as there are too many items to list here.
You will be able to select from over 20 different marketing materials, sample ads under the Helpful Information and Training Tab, along with MANY helpful marketing programs.
Yes. With the combination of our web based program and training, you will have your best tax season yet!
Live Webinars: Offered Oct. 1 - Jan. 10.
Training Videos: These are offered 24/7 on the Helpful Information and Training Tab.
Onsite Training: For a nominal fee, we can come to you.
YouTube Training: Search "TaxMaxTV"
We require a computer to access our web-based software, a copier, and a printer.
It takes about 5 - 10 minutes to complete the tax program.
All materials will be shipped out during the first week of October, or as soon as payment has been received.
Most definitely. Have the interested dealership email us, and we will take care of the rest. They may also reference our website for the information.
This is something the dealership can create to assist in advertising. Once the dealership creates the coupon, this coupon should be handed out to everyone that enters the dealership as well as in all forms of advertising.
A sample coupon is included online under the Helpful Information and Training Tab.
Call us toll free at 1-866-642-4107 or email us here.
This is a fee that the dealership can charge for their services for organizing the tax documents. This fee can be $0 up to $99.
Simply input a fee of $0 - $99 while inputting the customer's information online. Tax Max will handle the rest by deducting the first $594 for next years program and cut you a check for the difference at the end of tax season.

Website Direct

Website Direct is a URL “button” provided by Tax Max that is assigned to your Tax Max ID. This allows any Tax Max partner to place this unique URL “button” on their website, social media, email or wherever, so any potential customer can file their tax return online directly with Tax Max through your location.
None. There is no additional work required by your staff. The website direct feature connects your customer directly with a Tax Max professional who will work with your customer all online. There is nothing your staff has to do.
The refund can be printed on a check at your location, placed on a loadable prepaid debit card at your location or you may elect to have the refund direct deposited into the customer’s account. Whichever is best for you.
There is no risk. By placing the Tax Max “button” on your website, you are only going to help increase your tax season activity with no additional work or risk.
Tax Max will provide you with a banner ad to install on your site. When the customer clicks on the banner ad, they will be directed to a web page that will need to be hosted by you the dealer. Tax Max will give you the assets and instructions on how to easily put this page together. Once it is put together, it will be good for years to come.

Irregular / Seasonal Payments

This is not the same as a deferred down payment. The additional payments can extend beyond the second regular payment, and irregular payments are subject to finance charges. Currently, you may have a deal structured with a pick up payment, deferred down, side notes, trying to collect that extra cash. With the Irregular payment, you can remove all these options and have it structured into the contract.
The irregular payment is scheduled directly in the contract and accrues interest. The 4th quarter program is best used as a pick up payment, side note or deferred down. Either strategy will assure you have the best tax season yet.
Tax Max's list of partnering DMS is growing month by month. However, if your DMS doesn't support irregular/seasonal payments, you can still use the 4th Quarter for promotion.
Auto Master Systems, AutoStar, ComSoft, Deal Pack, DealerSocket, Finance Express, iDMS, AFS Dealers and Wayne Reaves

4th Quarter

You can't. The 4th Quarter Sales program is a means for the dealership to have an idea of what the tax refund will be in the coming tax season and sell the car in anticipation of the refund.
There is no guarantee but Tax Max provides a 4th Quarter Sales Agreement and Promissory Note that the taxpayer will sign promising to return to the dealership to file their tax return.
In order for strong success with our program we recommend you do the following:
Attend one of our training webinars where we will go over best practices
Utilize one of our DMS partners which offers seasonal/irregular payments
Yes, you can estimate a self employed tax return by just giving us a call and we can go over all the details with the taxpayer.
YES! This gives the taxpayer another incentive to return to your dealership with their tax documents.

1st Quarter

Taxpayers can visit 24 hours a day to check on the most up to date status of their federal refund. They can also call our hotline at 866-730-2274.
Upon bank approval, (which is not based on credit) a customer can receive 25%, 50% or 75% of their refund within hours. Once the IRS releases the refund, the remaining funds will be released minus the refund advance.
If not approved, the customer must wait for the normal time frame for the IRS to release the refund. Once the refund is released, it will go right to the dealership.
Because of the PATH Act, refunds are expected after February 15.
Go through the normal process and fax the signed paperwork to Tax Max the same day. When the IRS opens, your deal will be the first to be processed.
Typically, the state tax return is filed 48-72 hours after the federal return has been accepted. It is suggested that the taxpayer review their return on for any changes.
You have several options. Take advantage of our split check feature and generate two checks or swipe the debit card for the balance due and give the remaining balance and card to the customer. However, this is your best opportunity to collect future payments or sell additional products or services.
The check will be made payable to the taxpayer but the check will be sent to the dealership. The customer just needs to endorse the check over to the dealership.
The funds are sent via the delivery option selected for each deal, On-site check printing or a Prepaid VISA card. Check delivery fees range from $21 to $27 depending on the option selected.
All check delivery options are acceptable by Tax Max.
Under the 1st Quarter Check Refund Status Tab you will be able to track the status of all your tax deals. When the status changes to “Funds Sent to Dealership via…” you then will have the ability to retrieve the customers refund via the delivery option you had selected.
No. The refund advance is based upon bank approval. Tax Max has no authority in the approval process and is not affiliated with the partnering bank. The refund advance program is subject to change at any time and is expected to be available until the end of February.
Yes, you can go through the 1st quarter process and follow the self employed process. When the refund is ready, the refund will go right to the dealership.
We offer employee discounts for all employees of participating car dealerships.

Drive Now Network

The Drive Now Network’s focus is specifically to capture the customer’s tax refund check as a down payment starting in October. We will provide you real time leads of individuals looking to buy a car using their anticipated refund.
These valuable and unique leads will be emailed and/or texted to you within minutes of customers entering their information.
We have several different options to choose from so please contact a representative. Keep in mind, there is no charge per lead and there are no monthly membership fees.

Tax Max Rewards

Starting with the 2023 tax filing season, Tax Max will reward a discount to any returning customer (primary taxpayer) who files their tax return again with Tax Max.
Customers can earn 10% of the tax preparation fees paid and collected back to the customer from a prior tax filing season as a discount for the next time they file a tax return with Tax Max.

Example: If a customer files their tax return with Tax Max in 2024 and paid $100 in tax preparation fees, they will receive $10 in Tax Max rewards to be used the next time they file a tax return with Tax Max.
There is nothing a customer needs to do to claim the Tax Max Reward. Any Tax Max Reward earned will be assigned to their individual SSN, so when they return to have Tax Max file their return, our online system will automatically include Tax Max rewards to their current tax preparation fee.

Tax Max Referral CASH

Tax Max will pay $25 to any person who has a Tax Max rewards account and refers a customer to Tax Max.
In order to receive the Tax Max Referral CASH, the taxpayer must have signed up for our Tax Max Rewards program at and the person who they referred must provide their referral code or link when the file their tax return with Tax Max.
The taxpayer may either send their personalized referral link from their Tax Max Rewards account at or they can return to the same location they had filed at. They just need to be sure they entered in their personalized referral code so they receive the credit.

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