Tax Max is a great product to use for your past due accounts and collections department. When most accounts become past due, dealerships are generally left with one option, repossession. Tax Max can provide an alternative solution for both you and the customer. We can provide to you a Promise to Pay letter that states that the customer will file their federal tax return with Tax Max and the refund check will in turn be credited towards the past due account. This is a great way to offer your customer a solution that will keep them in their vehicle as well as save you the time, effort and expense of repossessing the vehicle.

To your customers, you now become the "good guy" by not only getting them caught up, keeping them in their vehicle, but they are also leaving with some cash in hand. Remember, Tax Max offers an alternative and more positive solution to collections!

Taxes By Text

Tax Max can eliminate the majority of the data entry required by your team! Tax Max will work with your customer directly from start to finish through our hands-free texting program. Whether in person, or while on the phone with your customers, you can send a link to their cell phone to file their taxes with Tax Max. The refund will still go to the dealership to make sure that you get paid first!

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