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Almost 75% of all car buyers use the Internet while shopping for a new car! Nearly 50% of cars purchased in the United States last year were from Internet generated leads. That's HALF of ALL sales! With the availability of mobile technology on the rise, those numbers are certain to only go up! Our leads are generated from organic Internet activity from car buying customers located directly in your area. We maximize the marketing opportunities Social Media has created. If you have the car your customer is looking for, then it is your sale to win! This is your car dealership's most cost effective way to increase auto sales with minimal expense and increased profits.

Along with your leads being texted to your cell phone in a matter of minutes, your potential buyers simultaneously receive a certificate emailed to them which provides information about your dealership. In the event you are slow to respond to your leads, your potential buyers are already looking into your dealership to make their vehicle purchase. This new added feature has increased the conversion rates even higher converting leads into actual sales!

Unlike other lead generation companies, the Drive Now Network is focused on capturing the all important tax season leads beginning in October. This focus, combined with our marketing experience and innovative approach, makes the Drive Now Network the industry leader in tax season lead generation.

Why Drive Now Network? Drive Now Network's focus is specifically to capture the customer's tax refund check as a down payment starting in October. Our extremely easy on-line application process takes less than 30 seconds and the lead is texted and emailed to your dealership in minutes, giving you valuable information to help close the sale the same day.

What does this mean? We can introduce you to customers who are currently active in the market for a new car and have an anticipated Tax Refund Check of all amounts ready to be spent. The average Tax Refund Check last year was $5,511! Our lead generator connects you to that check starting that day!

Most dealers believe tax season begins in January/February. With the combination of the Tax Max 4th quarter on-line estimator and fresh daily leads from the Drive Now Network, dealers can now begin Tax Season in October!

Most lead generator web sites get you leads of customers who want cars. Drive Now Network gets you leads of customers who want cars and have thousands of dollars!

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High grosses from sub-prime auto sales leads

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