manufactured home business

Tax Max is a turnkey tax solution not only for the manufactured home business but also for the manufactured home community residents too.

Tax Max can help manufactured home sites secure down payments for their properties and help any past due residents get caught up on their past due rent. Tax Max's turnkey tax solution allows the residents of the community to have their taxes prepared and filed from the convenience and comfort of their community. No more having to drive to a tax office and wait in long lines. With Tax Max, residents can take advantage of this added benefit of being able to use the Tax Max product right at their community to have their taxes prepared and filed.

Tax Max is a simple web-based program. The web-based system walks you through the online process, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once the online process has been completed and all information and tax documents have been submitted. Tax Max will formally prepare the tax return and submit it to the IRS. Tax Max will send the refund to the customer the day it becomes available.

Using the Tax Max program gives the Manufactured home business and the manufactured home community a unique advantage by offering the refund advance option. Our refund advance allows customers to access a portion of their refund within a matter of hours. Once approved by our lending partner, a customer’s refund can be printed on a check or loaded on a debit card right at the manufactured home location within hours. The customer now has access to their refund to help for whatever they need whether it is for a down payment, past rent, or just to enjoy.

Your residents and/or potential buyers would come into your office and you would simply input their information into the Tax Max website. The website guides you through the online process, which only takes a few minutes to complete. In addition to the two forms required by the Internal Revenue Service (8879 and our bank contract), we also require photocopies of driver's licenses and Social Security cards for the taxpayer and spouse. Once completed you will forward these signed forms and all tax documents along with a printout from to Tax Max. Tax Max will send you the refund the same day it becomes available.

Approximately 2% of all refund returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service do not receive the funds because of back taxes, defaulted student loans, back child support, or other Treasury Debts. We highly recommend a credit check to determine credit worthiness as well as calling the FMS hotline (800-304-3107) to determine any offsets to the refund.

Tax Max charges start at $164 ($139 with available $25 coupon) and the fees are deducted directly from the customers check. In addition to our tax preparation fee, there are bank and transmission fees that can range from $93 to $290 (based on last year). Additional fees may apply for state returns, rental properties, business returns, etc. Tax Max offers two different delivery methods for receiving the customer's refund from the IRS. A customer's tax refund can be loaded on a debit card or be printed on a check onsite.

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