Your Employees

A lot of dealers sign up for our program and their employees are not aware of the Tax Max promotion.

Here are some tips:

  1. How to answer the phone – "Are you calling about our tax refund promotion today?” Are you calling to find out how to lower your monthly payments?" Are you calling to find out how we can double your down payment up to $1000?

  2. How to greet customers on the lot – "Are you here to double your down payment up to $1000?” Are you here to file your taxes today?" Are you here to find out how to lower your monthly payments using our tax refund promotion?

  3. $25 off coupons – make sure your staff are distributing $25 off tax preparation coupons to EVERYONE that comes on to the lot.

  4. READ – have your employees spend 20 – 30 minutes of their free time reading our website. Our web site can be accessed from anywhere, 24 hours per day. Once signed up for our program, take 10 minutes to read the setup packet which is located under our Helpful Information and Training Tab.

  5. Training videos – once your dealership is signed up, you and your employees have access to our training videos. Once again, this video can be accessed online on our YouTube station Tax Max TV or under the Helpful Information and Training tab, 24 hours per day.

  6. Timeline - Review the program timeline under the Helpful Information and Training Tab to ensure that your dealership is on pace for a successful season.

  7. Helpful Information & Training - everyone should familiarize themselves with the bonus documents available in the Tax Max account on Dropbox. Go to Helpful Information and Training tab and click on Webinar Documents under the Marketing Material Tab to locate these documents.

Your Customers

By following our simple marketing time line, your dealership will be sure to maximize The Tax Max program. Many dealers make the mistake of assuming tax time is April 15.

The secret to any dealer marketing plan is to advertise and do it early, often, consistently and effectively. Make sure that your staff is well educated on our web site and how the program works. This program generates repeat business because everyone needs to file their taxes every year and everyone at some point needs to purchase another car. Whether they purchase this year or next year, when it is time, the buyers will know where to go if you market correctly. Over 50% of taxpayers who receive a refund will spend the entire refund within 48 hours. Of this group a car purchase is the number one item purchased.

To begin your car dealer marketing, display your indoor and outdoor advertising materials immediately. Not all customers who visit your lot are actually ready to purchase. The down payment is often the obstacle. If they leave your lot knowing you file taxes, they may be more likely to come back during tax time. Sales people should inform departing customers of the fact that you provide tax refunds regardless of what time of year it is.

Most likely, your dealership is already doing some type of advertising. We suggest you piggyback with current advertising. Mention our 4th Quarter Tax Max Program beginning October 1 and mention our 1st Quarter Tax Max Program with the $25 off coupons beginning December 15 and through the end of tax season. Over 80% of your 1st quarter tax return volume will occur between January 15 and February 15 and the other 20% will be from February 15 to April 15, so be ready! Customer volume during the 4th quarter closely follows the holiday shopping season spike around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Combining these three marketing strategies will maximize your tax season results. One by themselves is ok but a combination of at least 3 is what works.

Get People

Step One - Getting people to your lot: you want something that gets people to your lot such as print ads, postcards, direct mail, radio, and/or television.

Inform Customers

Step Two - Once they reach your lot, they need to be reminded with banners, realtor signs, table tents, posters, and/or hang tags.

Inform Staff

Step Three - You need your sales staff to wear buttons, answer phones, and/or ask your walk-in customers if they have filed their taxes. "Bring your W2's, drive out today" is a greeting that will surely catch your customer's attention!

Using the above car dealer tax program marketing strategy is the correct way to successfully market this or any other program. All of the items mentioned above can be supplied by Tax Max so please call us at 866-642-4107 on how we can customize a marketing plan that works for your dealership.

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