Collection Services

Tax Max is a turnkey tax solution to help collection companies take full advantage of that all-important time of year TAX Season. With our unique and customized solution, we help collection companies collect on past due accounts as well as pay off their customers' balances.

There is no tax experience needed for this solution. You simply email your customer a link that we provide to you. Your customer clicks on the provided link and is forwarded to the Tax Max online portal. Once the customer enters their information into our system, and clicks submit, the information is sent to us. We here at Tax Max then formally prepare the customer's tax return and process it through our 3-step proprietary system. This process ensures the customer receives an accurate return as well as the maximum refund.

Once we have finished processing the return through our 3-step system it is submitted to the IRS. When the refund becomes available, the collection company is then able to print the refund check or load the refund on a debit card at their location. Once the collection company has collected the amount owed to them, they forward the remaining balance to the customer directly.

Plus using the Tax Max program gives the collection company a unique advantage by offering our refund advance option. Our refund advance allows a customer to access a portion of their refund within a matter of hours. If approved by our lending partner a customer’s refund can printed on a check or loaded on a debit card right at the collection company’s location within hours.

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