In January, the traditional Tax Max Marketing Program begins with the use of W2's. Our tax refund marketing program is a simple Web-based computer program that walks you through the online process, and takes only a few minutes to complete. In addition to the two forms required by the Internal Revenue Service (8879) and our bank (contract), we also require photocopies of driver's licenses and Social Security cards for the taxpayer and spouse. Forward these signed forms and all tax documents along with a printout from www.taxmax.com to Tax Max. Tax Max can send you the funds the same day they are available. Approximately 2% of all refund returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service do not receive the funds because of back taxes, defaulted student loans, back child support, or other Treasury Debts. Therefore, if you plan on releasing the vehicle to the customer prior to receiving the funds, we highly recommend a credit check to determine credit worthiness as well as calling the FMS hotline (800-304-3107) to determine any offsets to the refund.

Tax Max charges start at $164 ($139 with available $25 coupon) and the fees are deducted directly from the clients check. In addition to our tax preparation fees, there are bank and transmission fees that can range from $93 to $290 (based on last year). Additional fees may apply for state returns, rental properties, business returns, etc. Tax Refund Services offers two different delivery methods for receiving the customers's refund from the IRS. A customer's tax refund can be loaded on a debit card or be printed on a check onsite.

Elite Tax Max

Nothing beats FREE. Make the Tax Max program even better by offering FREE federal and state tax preparation to all of your customers and to your employees. The taxpayer is only responsible for bank fees. When you schedule an Irregular Payment, a 4th Quarter deal, a repair note or collecting on a past due account, tell your customers to bring in their W2 and that you can get their taxes done for FREE. The refund will still go to the dealership to make sure that you get paid first!

Taxes By Text

Tax Max can eliminate the majority of the data entry required by your team! Tax Max will work with your customer directly from start to finish through our hands-free texting program. Whether in person, or while on the phone with your customers, you can send a link to their cell phone to file their taxes with Tax Max. The refund will still go to the dealership to make sure that you get paid first!

Website Direct Package

Our new Website Direct feature allows your customer, while shopping for a new car, to file their tax return directly with a Tax Max team member all from their phone! Your sales team does not have to lift a finger!! By simply adding the Tax Max “File and Drive” button to your website and social media pages, potential customers will be able to easily file their tax return with Tax Max and utilize their tax refund as a large down payment to help get them approved! With the Tax Max refund advance option, your customer can file their tax return and access up to $6,000 within hours to assist in a large down payment! Best part, the refund is sent to the dealership first! Your potential customer will file their tax return from your website with Tax Max, come to the dealership to pick up their tax refund check, and then, drive away after getting approved with a large down payment. It’s that simple!
The Tax Max website direct feature is a unique URL created for your dealership provided by the Tax Max team. The unique URL can be placed on your website, social media, on an email campaign or where ever.
Plus, the website direct feature can provide valuable leads too. You have the ability to run a report to see who started the “File and Drive” process but not did not finish. This report will capture valuable lead information for your sales team like; name, email and cell phone number so your team may follow up and close the sale.

Tax Max Rewards

Many customers will file their taxes with Tax Max through a local dealership partnership year after year. Over the past decade, we have had dealerships asking us for a Rewards Program for repeat customers and we have heard you! We are proud to announce our NEW Tax Max Rewards Program where a customer can earn a 10% reward for any fees paid to Tax Max (does not include any associated bank fee paid to EPS Financial) to be used as a discount when filing a future tax return. All rewards will be listed under each customers account at www.MyFederalCheck.com. There is nothing a customer needs to do to redeem except to file again. Our system will automatically apply any rewards owed to the primary taxpayer when they file a future return. And when they file again, they will earn another 10% reward for a future filing.

Drive Now Network

DriveNowNetwork.com - Unlike other lead generation companies, the Drive Now Network is focused on capturing the all important tax season leads beginning in October. This focus, combined with our marketing experience and innovative approach, makes the Drive Now Network the industry leader in tax season lead generation.

The focus of the Drive Now Network is to specifically capture the customer's tax refund check as a down payment starting in October. Our extremely easy on-line application process takes no longer than 30 seconds and the lead is texted and emailed to your dealership in minutes, giving you valuable information to help close the sale the same day.

With the combination of the Tax Max 4th quarter on-line estimator and fresh daily leads from the Drive Now Network, dealers can now begin Tax Season in October! Most lead generator websites get you leads of customers who want cars. Drive Now Network gets you leads of customers who want cars and have thousands of dollars!

My Federal Check

MyFederalCheck.com – After submission of the 1st quarter tax documents, taxpayers can go to www.MyFederalCheck.com to check the most up to date status of their federal tax refund as well as view/print a copy of their federal and state tax return. This web site will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the taxpayer can check on their federal refund as many times a day as they wish.

SUGGESTION: You may want to put a link on your web site to MyFederalCheck.com as this will drive your customers to your web site to check their refund status!

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