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AutoTrader BHPH Center

Host ALL of your inventory on this Autotrader site for customers with no credit, little credit or bad credit.
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25 plus years of experience has allowed Tax Max to provide our partners with a tax season solution that will increase traffic, sales and profits! Call today 813-987-2199

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Tax Max now includes Autotrader BHPH Center. By becoming a Tax Max partner your dealership will be listed directly on Autotrader BHPH Center all year round at no additional cost!

Down Payment

8 out 10 taxpayers receive a refund which could be used a down payment on your car. Last year the average tax refund for an Tax Max customer was $5,511!

$6,000 Refund Advance

Take advantage of the Max Refund Advance Product. Allow your customers to access up to 6,000 of their tax refund within a matter of hours

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With 25 plus years of tax season experience, our partners will now have a tax season solution that will increase traffic, sales and profits!

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Receive a portion of your customer’s tax refund in less than 1-4 hours for a down payment


Receive refund on a debit card or print check at your location


The Tax Max team is available by phone or email

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