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Q: How long does it take for the dealership to receive a refund?
A: The dealership can anticipate receiving the funds once the IRS releases them in 7 - 20 days.
Q: How can taxpayers check on the status of their return without contacting the dealership?
A: Taxpayers can visit www.MyFederalCheck.com 24 hours a day to check on the most up to date status of their federal refund.
Q: What is the earliest date that I can receive tax refunds?
A: When the IRS opens on January 21st.
Q: What do I do if a customer has their W2 as early as January 2nd?
A: Go through the normal process and fax the signed paperwork to TRS the same day. When the IRS opens on January 21st, your deal will be the first to be processed.
Q: What is the dealership incentive fee?
A: This is a fee that the dealership can charge for their services for organizing the tax documents. This fee can be $0 up to $99.
Q: How does the customer get a copy of their Federal and State return?
A: All copies will be found on www.MyFederalCheck.com
Q: How much does this program cost?
A: There is an annual fee of $297 but if you do three deals and charge the $99 dealership incentive fee on each deal; your next year's program is FREE!
Q: How does the dealership incentive fee work?
A: Simply input a fee of $0 - $99 while inputting the customer's information online. TRS will handle the rest by deducting the first $297 for next years program and cut you a check for the difference at the end of tax season.
Q: What do I get when I sign up for this program?
A: Please reference our benefits page as there are too many items to list here.
Q: Do you offer any marketing materials?
A: You will receive a 4' x 8' banner, sample ads under the Helpful Information and Training Tab, along with MANY helpful marketing programs.
Q: I have no tax experience at all. Will I be able to participate in this program?
A: Yes. There is no experience required, and our web-based program was designed for use by someone who knows nothing about taxes. Also, our customer packets have a checklist inside to walk you through the whole process.
Q: What type of training is offered?
A: Daily Webinars: Offered Oct. 1 - Jan. 10.

Training Videos: These are offered 24/7 on the Helpful Information and Training Tab.

Onsite Training: For a nominal fee, we can come to you.
Q: When does a customer's state tax return get filed?
A: Typically, the state tax return is filed once the federal return is released by the IRS (assuming the customer requested the state to be filed).
Q: What is required at the car dealerships to run our Tax Marketing Program?
A: Web Method: (Fastest & Most Economical) We require a computer to access our web-based software, a copier, and a printer.

Fax Method: (NO computer experience required) We simply require a fax machine and a copier.
Q: What if the refund is $4,500, and I only need $3,500?
A: You have 2 options.  Either write the customer a check for the remaining amount or upsell!
Q: How long does it take to key in the information in your web software?
A: It takes about 5 - 10 minutes to complete the tax program.
Q: When will I receive my Tax Max Marketing Program materials?
A: All materials will be shipped out during the first week of October, once payment has been received.
Q: Who is the refund check made payable to?
A: The check will be made payable to the taxpayer but the check will be sent to the dealership. The customer just needs to endorse the check over to the dealership.
Q: How does the dealership receive the check?
A: The funds are sent via the delivery option selected on each deal. You can choose if the funds are printed on site, or by a cashiers check that arrives overnight. Check delivery fees range from $17 to $27. What is best for you is best for us.
Q: Does TRS have a check delivery preference?
A: All delivery options are acceptable but TRS prefers the on-site check print option as it is the fastest. In most cases this option is faster than the client filing at a national chain.
Q: How will I know when a check is ready to be printed for the Onsite Check printing?
A: When you check the status of your deals daily, if it states: Funds sent to dealership, that means the check is ready to be printed. We also suggest that you login to the check printing module at least once per week to see if any checks are there to be printed.
Q: How can you get a refund in the 4th quarter without a W-2?
A: You can't. The Fourth Quarter Sales program is a means for the dealership to have an idea of what the tax refund will be in the coming tax season and sell the car in anticipation of the refund.
Q: What guarantee does the dealership have the taxpayer will return in January or February to file their return through us?
A: There is no guarantee but TRS provides a 4th Quarter Sales Agreement and Promissory Note that the taxpayer will sign promising to return to the dealership to file their tax return.
Q: Can a dealership employee file their taxes through TRS?
A: We offer employee discounts for all employees of participating car dealerships.
Q: Can I refer other dealerships to Tax Refund Services?
A: Most definitely. Have the interested dealership email us, and we will take care of the rest. They may also reference our website for the information.
Q: What is the $20 coupon?
A: This is something the dealership can create to assist in advertising. Once the dealership creates the coupon, this coupon should be handed out to everyone that enters the dealership as well as in all forms of advertising.
Q: How can I create this $20 coupon?
A: A sample coupon is included online under the Helpful Information and Training Tab.
Q: Should I offer this coupon to taxpayers who participate in the 4th Quarter Sales Program.
A: YES! This gives the taxpayer another incentive to return to your dealership with their tax documents.
Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Call us toll free at 1-866-642-4107 or email us here.
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