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  What is it?
TRS Tax Max offers a tax preparation solution that allows you to file your customer’s tax return without having to get an EFIN and with ZERO liability!
  How can I file my customer’s tax return without an EFIN?
TRS Tax Max is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and assumes all responsibility for the tax preparation since we are the ones actually preparing and filing the return electronically. By using our program you are acting as a third-party and simply providing the information to us and therefore you assume zero liability and are not responsible for obtaining an EFIN or registering with the IRS.
  Why use TRS Tax Max?
In short, the program is quick and easy to use and the best part, zero liability!
  How do I make money?
By using our program you have the ability to make money two ways. The first method is via the "Incentive Fee" that can be charged in addition to our preparation fees. This is a fee that you can charge the customer from $0-99 in addition to our fees. The second way for you to make money is by cashing that refund check if you are a check-cashing center.
The average refund last year was $4,620. Let’s assume you charge the $99 "Incentive Fee" and charge 3% to cash checks. From one client you have the potential to profit $237 ($99 "Incentive Fee" + $138 "Check Cashing Fee") for ten minutes of your time!
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